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Oct 8, 2012 6:00am EDT
, it is huge, like the yankees did. >> no orioles magic. >> you couldn't even sing it. >> the yankees win 7-2. if you are the higher seed, you got your is a on the mound, you got to get the first one. now, everything is set up for the nats and yankees unfortunately for orioles fans. winning game two would be gate but you know when you go back home, you got to win two out of three. that is hooking pretty good for those snub one seeds. >> let's talk about the redskins. >> let's talk about them because we always debate, rg iii, do you want him to run, do you not want him to run? >> go out of bounds right now. >> could have gown out of bounds. >> some the press box, somebody said who hit him and the answer was everybody. >> on that play, he got laid out. mild concussion. he will be re-evaluated this week. i don't think we'll hear anything until maybe welds or thursday as to who he has passed the concussion test -- until maybe wednesday or thursday as to whether he has passed the concussion test. >> then he does this. >> this is great. this throw but we'll take a look at the interception. you ar
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am EDT
there. >> some people are saying that they are upset because the nats are playing at 1:00. yankees get the good arrest time at #:00. that's okay. if rg iii cannot go on sunday because of that concussion test, everybody says he is fine. we don't know. kurt cousins came in and he hooked fine. there is kyle saying let's go get him. and this is his fourth pass ever in the nfl. and it went to santana moss. >> wide open, no nobody within 20 yards. >> it put the skins ahead in the fourth quarter. everybody thought we got a quarterback controversy. no controversy after he threw two later picks. i asked kirk yesterday in the locker room to assess his performance. here is his answer. >> i would call them two critical errors that, besides those two plays, obviously, it was beyond that, it was good football but those two critical errors are what quarterbacks get killed on and you got to avoid those and i will learn from those and be a much better quarterback after going through that yesterday. >> i like that. i love the answer. it is like i get judged on what i do and those two picks, i can't have
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
of the baltimore orioles. >> you just got ibanez. >> you got rauled. >> the yankees come back and win that one. >>> hoping for someth magic. are you cool with this? he says' fine. he told his teammates i'm going to play. everything so far so good. this is the hit that knocked him out. they had to do the concussion test. barring any setbacks rg iii will go on sunday against the vikings. yesterday, he didn't take i full complement of reps in practice but he practiced. barring any setback, rg iii won't have the yellow jersey on. >> if he is playing and healthy, they should win. >> tony perkins, he is not impressed. i would be impressed with that viking defense coming in here. not too shabby. >> not impressed. >> all right. thank you very much. checking other top stories, assad one out of baltimore. four children and their grandmother are dead, killed in an early morning house fire in baltimore. it happened around 2:00 this morning on denwood avenue. at least one other person in the home escaped by jumping out of a second floor window. two firefighters were also injured. one of them when the noor
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3